Death of Mota Jr : the rapper Portuguese found without life, two months after he was kidnapped

This is a sad news. It has been almost two months, the rapper Portuguese Mota Jr was remove. No news of the artist since that day, the Portuguese authorities made the grisly discovery of the body of David Mota, of his real name, in a state of decomposition.

This week seems bleak. After the death of Jordan Diakese, Shad Gaspard, Mory Kante, here is that another celebrity has died : Mota Jr. The body of the rapper Portuguese has been found lifeless, in a state of decomposition, almost two months after his abduction. David Mota, of his true name, had been missing since the month of march last. The interpreter of Vira Casacas had been removed to the home of his mother, by two men armed and wearing balaclavas. The artist has been hit before have been forced to integrate into the vehicle of her kidnappers. His mother was said to have found blood in the lift of her building, as well as the cap and the liner of his son at the level of the entrance door. Unfortunately, Mota Jr seems to have the costs of bad meetings. In fact, a woman he had recently met would directly put into contact with her attackers.

A history of money that has gone wrong

The death of Mota Jr has been announced by the local channel TVI24. The body of the rapper, currently underway autopsy, has been found in the town of Sesimbra. According to the Portuguese authorities, the motivations of the attackers would have been money. Indeed, on the social networks, David Mota was used to show the fortune that his profession as an artist has enabled him to acquire. Wads of cash, luxury cars, dream villa… so Many elements that might motivate the murderers to rob him of his most valuable assets. The investigation is ongoing and for the time being, no suspects have been arrested.