Death of Pierre Bénichou : why his meeting with Laurent Ruquier has failed to transfer to the drama

On Tuesday 31 march, Pierre Bénichou has bowed out at the age of 82 years. In the Face of this sad loss, his friend Laurent Ruquier was held to pay tribute to him. The occasion also come back on their first meeting, which has marked their minds.

“You young people, you’ve made me so le me, saying that I was old, now, he must respect me ! As it is necessary to respect someone who is living his last days as a band of idiots ! “. These are the last words of Pierre Benichou on the micro of the Big Heads on RTL. An intervention that will remain in people’s minds as it characterizes the humor and the straight talk of a journalist. On Tuesday 31 march, Pierre Bénichou has bowed out. He passed away at his home, in his sleep, as announced by his son, Antoine, pointing out that his disappearance had nothing to do with the coronavirus. A new one that has bothered a lot of people. Not only that, a generation. Pierre Bénichou was an emblem for many. But it is, in particular, to other members of the Big Heads that he will be greatly missed. And, more specifically, Laurent Ruquier.

It is a long-standing friendship between the two men. “Pierre Bénichou and me, it’s 20 years of laughter and amazing memories “, remembers with fondness a Laurent Ruquier very saddened by the death of his friend, in the columns of Parisien this Wednesday 1st April. The opportunity for the facilitator to France 2 to come back on their first meeting. A moment that will remain engraved in his memory. And for good reason, this would be their one and only. And this, because of a dumpling, Christine Bravo. “It was at Castel [mythical parisian club, ed.], one night, 25 years ago “, remembers Laurent Ruquier, before continuing : “I arrived from the province, I had just moved to Paris, I did not know Pierre Bénichou ! “.

This error of Christine Bravo, which nearly upset Pierre Bénichou

It is, therefore, Christine Bravo who introduced the two men. “This is Georges-Marc Bénamou [also a journalist, editor’s note], the boss of the New Observer “, she had said to Laurent Ruquier in front of the main party. It was not necessary any more to provoke the anger of Pierre Bénichou. “Like all great geniuses, [Pierre Bénichou was] moody and funny ! Il got angry and in the half-hour blended in apology. This is the man who made me laugh the most in my career, ” says the facilitator. But this time, it is with a sense of humor that the journalist has made this mistake. “There is a party in a false anger, black, funny ! “says Laurent Ruquier, who explains :” In Castel, Pierre was his number and laugh all of the world. In those years, all the craft he knew “. A time that Laurent Ruquier is not about to forget.