Demi Moore: Grandma Demi Shares Photo of Louetta on Social Media


Demi Moore was able to celebrate her first grandchild’s birth on April 18, when her daughter Rumer Willis and partner Derek Richard Thomas welcomed little Louetta into the world. On Mother’s Day, the actress posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a leopard bikini and sunglasses, cradling her granddaughter in her arms. She captioned the post with a heartfelt dedication to the “circle of life.” In her post, Demi also included a photo of her embracing and supporting Rumer during labor, as well as a throwback image of her pregnant with Rumer in 1988. The post was a reminder of the strong bond between Demi and Bruce Willis, her ex-husband and the father of her three daughters, including Rumer. For months, Demi had spoken of her joy at the news of Rumer’s pregnancy. On social media, she had posted photos of Rumer’s baby bump with a special message. She wrote that it was an honor to witness her daughter’s journey to motherhood, and that she couldn’t wait to welcome the baby into the world. Now, Demi Moore can finally enjoy her role as a grandmother and share her joy with the world. A few days ago, Rumer posted a photo of her newborn daughter, accompanied by words full of love. Demi Moore has also shared her tender video for Bruce Willis’s birthday, expressing her appreciation for the precious moments they have shared. Emma Heming also posted a photo of Bruce and Demi together, reminding everyone of their strong connection.

The presence of Demi Moore as a grandmother has been a joyous event for her family, and a reminder of the power of love and life.


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