Diana Del Bufalo introduces new boyfriend on Instagram: “Love again, despite the odds”.


Diana Del Bufalo Finds Love Again

Four years after the tumultuous breakup, Diana Del Bufalo has found love again. It was the 33-year-old actress herself who revealed it, posting on Instagram some photos with her new boyfriend taken during their first couple’s vacation in Formentera. Accompanying the images was a long caption that tells of all her joy: “They told me I would never feel love again, that it was something that adults no longer feel because “now”… Don’t listen to anyone but yourselves. The answers are already all inside you and don’t care what others might think, they have no power over your thoughts. Long live life”. Diana does not provide details about her new boyfriend. But the gossip has already discovered something: his name is Francesco, he is not part of the entertainment world, and he is roughly the same age as the actress. It is not known when their story began. But it probably has been going on for a few months, since last April Diana had already posted on Instagram a shot with Francesco: “You. Everything. Tu tu ruttutu”, wrote the actress accompanying the image. Diana appears happier than ever in all her social media posts. There is no trace of the pain of the breakup.

Paolo Ruffini Denies Cheating on Diana Del Bufalo

It was Diana who had announced the end of their relationship in 2019, sadly. Giving the impression that behind the breakup there was a betrayal on his part. Who knows why, Ruffini decided to say his piece only last June, denying the gossip about his betrayal. No other woman, but a decision that, says Ruffini, was taken by Diana herself, suddenly and without much explanation. “The incredible thing is that one day we went to dinner and she simply told me “I don’t feel like being with you anymore”,” said the actor and director from Livorno. “I accepted it and it was over. We were both very sad”.

Diana Del Bufalo Happier Than Ever With New Boyfriend

Whatever happened, Diana has now turned the page with Francesco. And together with her new boyfriend she looks happier than ever.


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