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“Diana Inspires Prince William’s Next Big Project”

Prince William’s Big Project

Prince William has a new big project: he wants to put an end to the problem of lack of housing in the United Kingdom. He declared it to the Sunday Times in the first interview given as the Prince of Wales and he plans to present his national plan, which he intends to develop over five years through the Prince and Princess of Wales Royal Foundation, at the end of this month. “I am very excited. I have arrived at the right time to do it,” he said. He did not reveal many details on how he intends to carry out his project, but among his ideas is to promote public housing on some lands of his own in the Duchy of Cornwall. He will start “little by little” and, if it works, he will try to expand the project.

Princess Diana’s Influence

Princess Diana had a great influence on the way her children see the world from a social perspective, despite their privileged position as members of the British royal family. The first time Diana took William to a homeless shelter, the prince was less than ten years old. That experience still marks him today. “When I left this morning, one of the things I was thinking was: ‘When will be the right time to take George, Charlotte or Louis to visit an organization for homeless people?'” he wonders. On the way to school, he told the Sunday Times, the prince and the children discuss the things they see. When they still lived in London, “we often saw people sitting outside supermarkets and we talked about it.” “They will grow up knowing that some of us are really lucky, others need a little help, others still have to do a little more to help others improve their lives.” To stop being “invisible. It is very important that society recognizes that there are people out there who are going through a difficult time.”

Using Properties to Fight the Problem

Some time ago, when he was still Duke of Cambridge, William told the Telegraph that he intended to use part of the properties he would inherit in Cornwall to fight the housing problem, which happened with the ascent to the throne of Charles III. The prince asked his team to study a way to use the buildings of the prosperous duchy founded by Edward III in 1337 for this purpose. He may have finally found the answer to this question. In December 2009, William slept rough in London to raise funds and raise public awareness of the problem of homeless people. “I was really struck by the people I met and the difficulties they face. I grew up in a palace, and seeing the other half of the world, where others face such big challenges, was a very strong thing to see when I was young,” he said.



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