Diane Chatelet Decision: Exhausted & Drained, Difficult Choice Made.


End of an Adventure

Since 2018, Diane Chatelet has been a regular buyer of the show Affaire Conclue. As a true art enthusiast, particularly from the 19th and 20th centuries, she has certainly become a qualified antique dealer with her years of experience. She shares her knowledge at her shop in the Serpette Market, the largest antique market in the world nestled in the heart of the Saint-Ouen Flea Market. With her partner Jeff Regis, she offered exceptional works of art and rare furniture. Unfortunately, they decided to end this adventure on April 23rd.

Too Busy for the Shop

In an interview, Diane Chatelet explained this difficult but necessary choice for her, as her schedule became too busy with all her professional activities. “I can’t do everything at once. I obviously have the shootings that take some time, I do a lot of shopping, which is what I like most about the job, I also frequent a lot of auction houses and do brokerage – these are collectors or individuals who want to buy or sell works of art and who ask me to find a buyer or seller. All this takes a lot of time and having this shop to run from Friday to Monday was a huge job. I’m starting to get tired, to get exhausted, and now I’m taking a break and starting these new projects that were delayed because I didn’t have time,” she admitted.

Family First

Moreover, Diane Chatelet is the mother of two adorable little girls, Hortense and Eleonore (7 and 5 years old), who remain her priority and “with whom (she) wants to be and enjoy,” she confided. It is with her husband Aurélien that the sparkling brunette has built this beautiful family and with whom she manages to do everything on a daily basis. “We are obviously forced to organize. I have a schedule at home with my husband. He and I are forced to move regularly for work, so we take turns a lot. He helps me a lot,” she emphasized. And when they have the chance to be together as a family, the little tribe does everything together. “Since my children are still young, I really want to see them and take advantage of it, so we do a lot of activities, we really try to give them a cultural richness. We go on visits, walks, very varied things… And we, we make concessions on what we want and we privilege our children of course,” Diane Chatelet also told us.


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