Didier Raoult : why is it not advisable to get vaccinated against the coronavirus

Absent from the media scene for several weeks, and Didier Raoult has made its grand return on Wednesday, August 19. Guest on the antenna of CNews, he referred to the vexed question of the vaccine against the coronavirus.

Didier Raoult



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The epidemic of coronavirus has changed the daily lives of the French. For the first time in the History of France, the government has ordered the containment of the population. A situation that lasted for nearly two months. But if it is now possible to move freely, this does not mean that everything is back as before. In fact, it is now compulsory to wear a mask in every place closed to the public. Without relying on some outside areas, which are also subject to strict regulations. In order to exit permanently from the health crisis, scientists around the world are therefore involved in the development of a vaccine. And, according to Vladimir Putin, Russia would have already found a cure, called “Sputnik V”. “More than one billion doses have been pre-ordered by 20 foreign countries”, the minister said Mr. Dmitriev. A few days after this announcement, Didier Raoult, therefore, was asked to react on the antenna of CNews. And the least we can say is that the infectious diseases physician at the age of 68, has an open mind on the issue.

Didier Raoult don’t think a vaccine is needed

When asked about a potential second wave of the virus, Didier Raoult has once again stated that he could not predict the future. On the other hand, it does not exclude that, like influenza, this disease becomes common. “Me, I think he’s going to have to put themselves to the idea that it is tucked into the landscape, it will disappear or it not disappear, but once again, the anticipation of it, must see astrologers for that”, he said in the face to Laurence Ferrari. Besides, the doctor considers that there is no interest to be vaccinated against a disease that is “not more deadly than the others.” Moreover, he felt that very few French people will be interested by the treatment. “I don’t know if it will be useful. If the disease remains what it is now, I don’t know who is going to want to vaccinate for something that kills not. Honestly”, he hammered several times. For the great adept of hydroxychloroquine, there is a solution that is truly tangible : “we take care of people, they are detected, and to be treated.”