Diego Matamoros Health: “Near Death at Father’s Wedding”


Diego Matamoros: Health Issues and Wedding

Diego Matamoros became one of the main protagonists of his father Kiko Matamoros’ and Marta López Álamo’s wedding last June 2nd, almost missing it due to health issues. Hours before the ceremony, the influencer suffered from arrhythmias that almost prevented him from being there for his father’s happiest day of his life. With strength he didn’t have, Diego arrived to the Basilica of San Miguel with the ceremony already started and confessed that “I’m a bit shaken because the food didn’t sit well with me, but I didn’t want to miss my father’s wedding”.

Accompanying the Couple

Once inside the church, he dedicated some precious words to the couple, especially to the bride, highlighting her important role in Kiko’s union with his children: “We all want to see him happy and for him to spend the rest of his days with someone who accompanies him and makes him even happier. My inner circle knows it, she knows it too, Marta is one of the people who has done the most so that we can be together, she often motivates us to have dinner together, we see each other quite a lot”, confessed Diego Matamoros, very moved, at Kiko and Marta’s wedding.

Health Struggles

Now, one week after the wedding, Diego has reappeared at a premiere in Madrid and revealed that he still hasn’t overcome his health problems. “I’m a mess. My back since I was injected two weeks ago is okay, but the arrhythmias the other day are a bit more complicated. I have been feeling really bad for five days. I haven’t been able to sleep, I’ve been lying on the couch dying and not much else. Now I’m feeling better for two days”, he said, admitting that “I should have gone to the hospital but I was stubborn, I’ve been dragging this issue and I arrived to my father’s wedding almost dying”. As he tells us, he still doesn’t know the origin of his illness and, besides having an appointment with the cardiologist so they can do some tests, he’s taking things “calmly”. By his side in these hard moments in which his health is taking its toll, his girlfriend Marta Riumbau, with whom he doesn’t rule out getting married, although he reveals that he would like to have a child first: “I’ve already been married, I’ve been divorced, Marta got married, got divorced. Maybe I’ll kneel down, but before that I’ll have a child. I’ll make my father a double grandfather”.


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