Disappearance of Maeve Kennedy : the body of her eight year old son finally found

After five days of searching, the body of Gideon McKean, the son of Maeve Kennedy Mckean, was found in turn. The little boy was only eight years old.

The curse of the Kennedy struck again. Saturday, 4 April, Robert F. Kennedy announced that the disappearance of her granddaughter, Maeve Kennedy McKean. According to the information of the People, the lawyer and his son, Gideon, aged eight years, would have embarked on board a canoe to retrieve a ball that has fallen into water. “About 30 minutes later, they have been sighted far from the shore by a person who was on earth and who called the police. This is the last time they were seen, ” said a representative of the family about this tragedy. And the latest news are, alas, not good. Tuesday, April 7, the body of the mother of the family was found to be “4 kilometers away from the property of her mom in Shady Side, Maryland” and lay in ” more than 7 metres deep,” authorities said.

The body of Gideon McKean found

After five days of searching, the police of Maryland, has finally found the body of the small Gideon, on Wednesday 8 April. According to information reported by USA Today, the remains of the eight year-old boy was lying in it also to “7 feet deep” and has been localized to ” 600 meters ” of his mom. On the same day, the causes of the death of Maeve Kennedy McKean have been officially revealed. As revealed by E! the medical examiner has concluded an accidental death by drowning. “The relief we have helped to make our grief by giving us answers on this terrible loss and our family is grateful for their superhuman efforts,” responded Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the mother and grandmother of the deceased with the american media. A real tragedy.