Disney Child Stars: Where Are They Now?


The Talent Factory in the City of Angels

Not only Hollywood is a talent factory, but many pursue fame in the City of Angels. Often they are budding artists, child prodigies or teenagers with the desire to perform at all costs with a microphone. Today those little rascals have built a career (or destroyed it) starting from the rigid rules of the TV channels. In the Nineties, some of the most sought-after talents of their generation were singing and dancing on the Mickey Mouse Club, from Ryan Gosling to Nick Carter (in the pre-Backstreet Boys era). Preschool, school and teen series from other channels, such as Nickelodeon, have launched incredible careers. The Latin world and our national series should not be underestimated either, in the pre-Tik-Tok era, such as Mia and me (with Rosabell Laurenti Sellers from Game of Thrones and Luca Murphy from Try Again, Prof!) and Braccialetti rossi have become really cult.

Couples That Made a Generation Dream

The couple formed by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake made a whole generation dream. Mickey Mouse saw it right and bet on two incredible talents. The rest is history, or rather it concerns the history of two pop stars who have experimented with many paths. He also as an actor and voice actor, she with a residency in Las Vegas. Before Felicity, Mission Impossible and all the successful projects as an adult, Keri Russell was paying her dues in front of the camera in the Disney stable. Bella Thorne and Zendaya were the protagonists of Shake It Up, a children’s series that tried to challenge Disney’s primacy. Considering the careers of the two actresses/dancers/singers, we can say that Nickelodeon hit the mark. Bella Thorne has just debuted as a director.

The Power of Social Media

Zendaya is currently working on various projects, from Dune 2 to Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers, which was supposed to open the Venice Film Festival. It has always been said that there was no room in the Mickey Mouse Club for both of them and there has been a lot of talk of competition. Britney is now dealing with her third divorce, while Christina recently took the stage with her daughter Summer Rain to perform at a concert. She flew to South America for Violetta. It was worth it: she met her current husband and, on returning home, became a multitasking talent with her own exclusive content, such as The Hairdryer, which tells the life of a mother. Today she has 378 million followers and is an it-girl. And to think that she became famous for a children/teen series, Sam and Cat, where she sported a long fire-colored mane. Laura Esquivel won the hearts of the little ones during her various visits – including tours – for The World of Patty. In South America she continues to shine without losing the genuineness and availability she showed in one of the first editions of the Milan Television Festival.


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