Divorce of Peter Phillips : the decision that makes the happiness of the queen Elizabeth II

Peter Phillips, grandson of queen Elizabeth II, has finalized his divorce with his wife Autumn. A breakdown of the consequences dreaded by the Sovereign, who feared to see other members of the clan Windsor away from her. A problem solved !

It’s official. Peter Phillips and Autumn, who have been married for twelve years, divorced. But away from the parents of Savannah and Isla , the idea of tearing through media interposed. Each is dedicated to a deep respect and want to make sure that everything goes without splinters : “The decision to divorce and share custody of the children came after several months of discussions and, although sad, she is friendly “. This is mainly for the well-being of their family , Peter Phillips and Autumn will not be therefore not the war, ” the best line of conduct, for their two children and for a permanent friendship “. Delighted with this agreement, Elizabeth II was expressing some fears about the future of his great-granddaughters.

A life of neighbours

Their mother being born in Montreal where she also grew up, it was possible to think that Autumn Phillips would choose to return to settle in Canada, where we live, also Meghan Markle and prince Harry now. But it is in the county of Gloucestershire, where she has always lived with Peter Phillips, she finally settled for a balance family with his two daughters. As revealed by relatives of the couple in the Sun, the parents consider to be ” neighbors : “They live for the moment always under the same roof. […] They have no intention of rushing anything, but at one point, one of the two will move, ” said one of them. Out of the question, however, to live separated by hundreds of kilometers. It is on the land of england and alongside her ex-husband that Autumn to continue his life post-marriage. For the greatest happiness (FINALLY !) of the queen…