Donald Trump it really may postpone the date of the u.s. presidential elections ?

Donald Trump felt to grow wings, becoming the 45th president of the United States of America. The head of State would even consider shifting the date of the presidential elections of November because of the sars coronavirus. Not sure he can afford it.

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Postpone the date of presidential elections of 3 November ? This is the idea submitted by Donald Trump on Twitter after observing the catastrophic epidemic of the Covid-19 addition-Atlantic. At the time of the disease, and returned to the ground – the United States have been no less than 1449 died on a day the 29 July last , the american president who had, until then, refuted the severity of the situation, has changed his gun to the shoulder. After having long denied the wearing of the mask, the husband of Melania Trump has displayed the masked face and now plans to shift the election date in order to avoid the option of voting by correspondence referred to, which according to him, would be to organize ” the election of the most inaccurate and the most fraudulent of the Story “.

But does not change the rules with a snap of fingers who wants to. Not even the head of State. Invited to comment on this event on Europe 1, Amy Porter, spokesperson for the us democratic party in France, said that this announcement was a blow of bluff to hide the management catastrophic health crisis by Donald Trump : “He had just received the news that the economy has plunged to -32%, which is four times more than the crisis of 2008. This is to distract us of the 150,000 deaths that could not take place in the United States “.

Query impossible

If Amy Wear is so certain, and that is because it is legally impossible for Donald Trump to change the date of the elections : “S[he] had read the Constitution, he would know that the president has no power to change the date of the election,” she says. It is engraved in the Constitution since 1845. We voted during the civil war, it has been voted during the war of 14-18, we voted during the Second world War and we are going to vote on November 3rd “. The president will therefore have to be a reason.