Donald Trump : the real reason why he refuses to wearing a mask

Donald Trump is always distinguished by his unique approach to the health crisis. At the step of wearing a mask widespread, the us president adopts a new posture iconoclast. It turns out that her decision not to wear them is related to his vision of a man of the State and its function.

Donald Trump continues to make him talk about his management of the crisis related to the epidemic of coronavirus. These last days, he has a mini-controversy because of his adamant refusal to wear a mask. As in the rest of the world, the question of physical protection against the virus has evolved gradually since the beginning of the crisis. Considered at first to be useless in the face of the Covid-19, masks health, began to be cautiously recommended, then a favorite of personalities, and finally officially by the State. The French are accustomed to see Emmanuel Macron wear a mask, but the team of Donald Trump in charge of his protection, should face a response almost knee-jerk their head about the concept of wearing a mask. For the politician with the vision to be very conservative, a president, in addition to the United States that it considers ” the best country in the world “, is not supposed to show vulnerability, and still less pass for being ridiculous.

Masks mandatory at the White House… except for the president

Even the wife of Donald Trump, Melania, ambassador of gestures barriers, started to wear. But despite her age which puts it in the category of risk (it is 73 years old), the president remains adamant on the issue. And this even while the White House has made it mandatory for the mask-wearing in the West wing (the one which hosts the offices of the president) since the 11th of may. According to the Associated Press, he reportedly said to his colleagues that the image of the president wearing a mask would send a wrong message.In fact, he doesn’t want to let it appear that his only concern is the health issue, and wants to instead focus on its overall efforts in favour of the recovery of the economy. In another aspect, the president of the United States would also have to fear… ridicule. Amazing fact after his suggestions of treatment, wacky, or downright dangerous to fight against the coronavirus, which had caused the syncope generalized to the scientific community. During a press conference on 24 April, he had suggested to ingest… bleach ! Governing by example is obviously not the fort of Donald Trump.