Done deal : Sophie Davant’t it nice ? The facilitator restores the truth

The animation of Sophie Davant in Deal does not please everyone. Criticized for his conduct with the candidates, the ex-wife of Pierre Sled has taken to make things clear.

After the arrest of a Whole story, Sophie Davant took the controls of a bargain, daily broadcast auction, which proved a massive hit on France 2. To such A point that now, the program is also available in prime time. But the behavior of the moderator of 56 years does not always unanimity among the viewers. The internet will sometimes give to heart joy to point out. And they are not the only ones. In Daily life, Etienne Carbonnier did not hesitate to reveal the reactions are sometimes unexpected to the mother of Valentine and Nicolas towards the vendor of a bargain. A situation that starts to annoy.

The dot on the ” i “

Behind the scenes of the filming of a special issue devoted to James Bond, 20 Minutes spoke with Sophie Davant. The ex-girlfriend of Erik Orsenna, become a “monument historique” of France Télévisions on a visit in his own way, not accepting, really, that theone speaks of her as a woman ” not so nice : “I make fun of me all the time, I’m the first to laugh at it all. After that, he just needs to not falsify the reality. To say that I speak badly to people, this is not true. I see 23 per day and I am more than sympathetic with them.”

The leader of the Téléthonen has also taken the opportunity to settle accounts with Daily: “With editing, you can do anything,” she says. But in general, it makes me laugh a lot, when they remove the “n” in the word “antiquing” for example, it is irresistible. […] When, by misfortune, there is a small facial expression not pleasant, and that Daily rises that mimics not the nice one behind the other, it is the misinformation “. Only remains to Etienne Carbonnier to come in tea to realize it by himself !