Done deal : who is Damien Tison, the new buyer of the emission ?

The aficionados of Deal to enjoy the arrival of a newcomer. already previewed in the program last February, Damien Tison has caught the eye of viewers. Zoom in on the beautiful brown that is something else that the auctions on France 2.

Sophie Davant



-not to follow

Small last landed in the team of buyers at a bargain, Damien Tison passed the examination of our peers, Present Wife. “I am a native of Beaumont-sur-Sarthe in the Sarthe. I am a merchant living in Paris since ten years, in the sixth district of the capital and the son of a merchant also. I have always bathed in the middle of the antique shops. “Next to privacy, the beautiful brown stated not to be a heart to take. “My wife is called Camille. She works in the social field, ” he added. It is mostly concerned with minor people. We have a little girl of two and a half years old named Rose. “His studies, Damien Tison will be interspersed with courses in antique shops some of which were not far from the legendary venue in the auction Drouot in Paris. “After the course, I could go and see the objects. And our teachers were taking us to see the exhibits of the auction rooms. Immediately after my degree of expertise of objects of art, I put myself in to my account. “

His arrival on a bargain is made by plunger

Damien Tison has no shame when he confesses that his arrival among the buyers of the Case concluded it was ” by relationship . “I said, “Hey, you should try to call them because they look all the time from people.” So I called through a friend. Then, I passed the casting, during the summer of 2019. A few months after, I was reminded to tell me that it was good to do a show. “Her first filming took place in February 2020, a few days before the order of containment, which has stopped all filming and saw Sophie Davant leave Paris to his house in Normandy. “I haven’t had much the opportunity to talk with Sophie Davant. It is rarely together. In fact, the organization of the show is that, when I arrive, she is already in the process of recording with the vendors. And I can still be in the process of turning that it is already a part, stresses Damien Tison on the subject of the famous host in the bargain. We do that cross. Sometimes, it can intervene on the tray when there was a major auction. For the moment, we just had the opportunity to make a small cuckoo clock nice. “It is already that !