Don’t forget the lyrics : Maureen returns on the elimination of controversy of Arsene

Interviewed by Tele-Loisirs, Maureen has come back on the day when Arsene sold him his microphone money in Don’t forget the lyrics. An elimination which had raised a wave of indignation on social networks.

Maureen – Don’t forget the lyrics



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Its removal had caused a genuine uproar. Friday 10 April, Arsene has left Don’t forget the lyrics after having committed a terrible fault. The young man has failed in the face of the challenger Maureen singing the famous title Aïcha Chief Khaled in Arabic, while the production awaited the words of the French version. What push many people to shout out at injustice, more especially as no details had been made before the champion’s fallen starts to sing.

Maureen “hurt” by the controversy

If there was one who suffered from this controversy, it is Maureen. Interviewed by Tele-Loisirs on the occasion of the third place of the Tournament of the Maestros, released Saturday, June 13, the young woman defended. “I was accused of having sung the wrong words, which is not true. And we know that Cruella leaves nothing to spend. Several people monitor what is sung. Some have said that I was boosted by the production, that the defeat of Arsène was intended… in Short, big mistake, ” she says. I am very sensitive and I was very hurt by it. I didn’t want there to be doubts in the head of Arsene vis-à-vis it. “

Disappointed that his victory has been marred by accusations of cheating, Maureen has held discussions with Arsène to make a a point. “I spoke to him very honestly, telling him that I had been very hurt by the fact that people think that I didn’t deserve my place. It is true that it was a stroke of luck, recognize it. It has been a very good thing that we’re talking about. I loved her journey and I was already delighted to have met for the first time. But all of it had been tainted by this controversy. While this is only a game. “It sometimes happens that the viewers take things too much to heart.