El Cordobés’ daughter Alba Díaz speaks openly about her food issues.


Influencers and Eating Disorders

It is increasingly common for the most famous influencers to be honest about various aspects of their life through Instagram question and answer rounds. The mechanism is simple: their followers ask and they answer. And in one of these, Alba Díaz has been sincere about her problems with food, after a follower asked her directly if she had ever suffered from an ED (Eating Disorder). Without wanting to label what happened to her in the past, since she was never diagnosed, El Cordobés’ daughter has been very honest: in her first years in university she could not control her anxiety and it made her eat. “I could eat an entire pantry and still not feel full,” she confessed. It was a time when, after overeating, she had episodes of guilt, so the next day she “tried to compensate,” as she herself explained.

Healthy Lifestyle

Like her mother, Vicky Martín Berrocal, who has also spoken on numerous occasions about her relationship with food, Alba has managed to lead a very healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is enough for the young woman to look her best: Alba has learned to leave strict diets behind and to be consistent when training. “At the gym, I perform better in the afternoon,” she also told her followers.


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