El Cordobés & Paz Padilla daughters: Alba & Anna’s beautiful friendship.


Friendship between Alba Díaz and Anna Ferrer Padilla

The world of influencers united them and there is no one to separate them. Alba Díaz and Anna Ferrer Padilla have had a beautiful friendship for a few years, which they don’t hesitate to boast about on their social networks. The daughter of El Cordobés and the daughter of the actress of ‘La que se avecina’ got along very well because they belong to the same group of famous friends, among which we find, among others, Anita and Laura Matamoros, Violeta Mangriñán, Teresa Andrés and even Paz Padilla herself!

Trips, Parties and Events

Just a week ago they were all together spending a few days on a paid vacation promoting a glasses brand in Ibiza, where they enjoyed the sea and the good weather together. But they don’t just go on trips together for work, the young women take advantage of any event to enjoy each other. A few days ago, Anna and Alba had a great time at José Luis’s birthday, ‘El Turronero’, where we also saw Gloria Camila with José Ortega Cano. The young women have attended many trips, parties and events together. Don’t miss some of their funniest moments: Anna Ferrer and Alba Díaz partying with a friend.

Showing Support for Paz and Anna

In addition, Alba, out of the affection she has for both Anna and Paz, has shown to be a great support for mother and daughter showing off the clothes from her brand, ‘No ni ná’, on her Instagram. It is clear that the daughters of Manuel Díaz and Paz Padilla have not only become work colleagues, but also real friends.


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