Eleonora Daniele: “Two years to get pregnant, if it had not happened I would have done hormonal treatment”


Eleonora Daniele confesses that he tried for two years to the pregnancy , which, after the end of may, will allow you to become a mother for the first time. Interviewed by the weekly People, the tv presenter of the Italian Stories you know of to be got pregnant naturally, without discarding a priori the idea of getting help, a hypothesis that would likely be considered if the pregnancy had not arrived:

It is from a couple of years that we were looking for a child and it was not assumed that I could achieve my desire since I had passed the age of 40. Still, I have never left it beset by the anxiety of the age. I believed, I hoped, but as more time passed, I saw her hard. But then, just when I was more serene, I got pregnant naturally, without the aid of hormone treatments, that maybe I would have even considered if it had not happened.

The desire for motherhood of Eleonora Daniele

Eleonora has never hidden to be discovered later, her desire for motherhood. Absorbed by the career, it was in the first person of the brother who passed away in 2015 who considered him a son. After his death, he would have discovered the desire to become a mother: “Until a few years ago I did not have the sense of motherhood, but then something changed. After the death of my brother, Luigi, that happened in 2015, it is as if I was shot inside a spring. He was older than me, was autistic. I handled him like a son. When it is gone it is as if you had stopped the time. Now my baby gives me energy and opens the door to a feeling of immense”.

The daughter of Eleonora Daniele will be born in may

Carlotta, the daughter of Eoeonora and her husband Giulio Tassoni, it should be born shortly after the end of may, which will allow the presenter to remain at his post at the helm of the Italian Stories to the end: “I Am five and a half months, I took a ten pounds, almost all in the belly. From the outset it was evident that, so much so that at the beginning I thought I have to wait two twins. Having a family, it could also happen. Only after the first exams, accurate investigations on the Dna and ultrasound, I have dispelled every doubt. Is a named Carlotta. I would like to give birth naturally. It will happen shortly after the end of my program, scheduled for 29 may”. Serena, the hostess awaits now only the moment of being able to hold his daughter in his arms:

I have the mania of control and I want to make sure that everything is in place. I do it even now, with ongoing visits: an ultrasound scan in the most makes me feel peaceful. I can’t wait to be able to tighten the arms to say “thank you” for choosing me as a mom.


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