Elettra Lamborghini with wet look and the other stars on the first red carpet of Sanremo 2020


At the start of the Festival of Sanremo 2020 with the first look of the competitors that will keep us glued to the screen with their songs and thanks to all that will be launching on the stage of the Ariston, dresses, makeup and hairstyles hair.

The first parade of the stars on the red carpet lying in the city of flowers some aesthetic choices have impressed us, raising also questions. The Achille Lauro, that patch what is it? Do you have a small wound? Or we will soon discover that it is the accessory of face cool to add to our jewellery box?

Also interesting is the version of the wet look proposed by Elettra Lamborghini, of series I didn’t have a hair dryer nearby and come out without drying the hair.

Thought, and very prone to the tendency of less is more, I do a little, and I feel at place, door, hair wet and natural to another dimension.

The inevitable mask of Junior Cally, detail super cool at the time, Billie Eilish is a fan, the singer Poppy from the long mane of platinum and Fedez that has tried it during the last show season, and Miss Keta, and his face mask has built the character. In short, now more than ever is the accessory to add to your must-have list.

Worthy of note also the proposals of Marco Masini , with his grey beard and moustache in ginger, the two-tone to the Dua Lipa splits and Elodie, 29 years old, you know, that’s why his short blond and brown. Also nice to the blond , Rita Pavone , who at age 74 still defends, not to mention the look super chic Levante , who, with his make-up jade, and hair styled in a faux bob, never disappoints the expectations. A muse.

In the gallery the our choice of look beauty on the first red carpet of the seventieth edition of Sanremo.


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