Elie Semoun is launching a charity project : accused of not paying back only part of it, the comedian takes totally

Elie Semoun is going to launch a line of products stamped “Merki”. Of sweats, t-shirts, caps and bags which only a portion of the proceeds will benefit an association. Facing criticism, the comedian responded in all honesty.

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Elie Semoun has the heart on the hand. And he proved it during the confinement when the nursing staff suffer from the lack of hardware. Away of his father, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and residing in a nursing home in Lyon, the comedian had launched a major call on social networks to help the facility which was in need of masks or surblouses to care for patients safely. An appeal for donations to be widely circulated and understood by users, even beyond the hopes of the former acolyte of Dieudonné. This Friday, July 24, Elie Semoun has unveiled its new charitable project on her Twitter account. It will launch merchandising for a good cause. “In September, sweats, t-shirts, caps, bags MERKI”,-he said on the social network, posting a photo of him posing with one of the creations.

Elie Semoun in all honesty

Elie Semoun has also revealed thata portion would be donated to an association. A detail that has pushed some users. “You are shielded, so why it would be still others to give rather than you to give simply ? In addition, I dare not even imagine the price of these clothes…”, “part paid to the association, Elie Semoun, and the rest directly to Elie Semoun”, “in my opinion, given the state of the social networks, you are going to remove (especially by saying not to pay that part) !!!”, one can read in the comments. Of the criticism to which the comedian replied without wooden language and with humor, by assuming without any taboo he was going to touch the rest of the money from the sales. Honesty welcomed by some fans. As the famous association that will receive a portion of the funds, Elie Semoun has revealed that it wasa centre for conservation of chimpanzees in Guinea. Remains to know if the goodies of the artist will have success.

In September, sweatshirts , tee-shirts, caps , bags MERKI (quality organic and chic, and a portion will be donated to an association ) pic.twitter.com/EtHJxj435j

— elie semoun (@SemounElie) July 24, 2020