Elisa Isoardi single and happy: “I’m so good that a man now I don’t want it”

Elisa Isoardi and listen to de La Prova del Cuoco, Elisa Isoardi and Antonella Clerici, Elisa Isoardi and Matteo Salvini. For a long time all the news concerning the host of a cooking show on Rai 1 are moved essentially on these three combinations. Today, Isoardi, after a complex vintage, and this is also exciting, draws a balance of its looking to the near future, or at work.

The great moment of serenity that is living spoke to the weekly oggi, which has released an interview talking about first of all the program that this year has inherited, not without difficulty, by Antonella Clerici: “The television lives of numbers – say in relation to the music-breath of the beginning of the season – that half a point more or less listen to what I was doing was attributable only to me. We had a mandate from the heads as soon as we started: “Discontinuity”. Much more than a simple word order. But just giving a sense of continuity, you could make the changes that required us: when we understand, we made a turn, returning to the format of the initial to introduce floor plan small changes”. You look at this edition of the radio show has just ended with a smile and in a positive way:

The public had to get used to me, to my face, to my way of conduct: the time, a gentleman, and the results then came

Inevitable, an allusion to its history with the current minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, ended suddenly after a few years, a few months ago. Does not seem to have the intention of talking about it Isoardi – “I have already said everything that was said, only the past” – but fails to disengage from the quote his story when he describes the woman who has become today: “Five years of love story, she teach you a lot and you are certainly to grow: but the six months of loneliness as those who have passed from the end of that relationship, I have served to to metabolize. To understand who I am, what I want and where I want to go. It is priceless to have learned to “come first”. First of all, Elisa. And when ever I done to you?”.

Yet today, Elisa Isoardi not looking for anything if not that his life may continue to flow serene, contemplating a state of loneliness sentimental for today’s blessing: “I am so good for a man now I don’t want it”.