Elisabetta Canalis, Maddalena Corvaglia: Peaceful Pic Together


The End of a Friendship: Elisabetta Canalis and Maddalena Corvaglia

Elizabeth Canalis and Maddalena Corvaglia have not had any kind of relationship for at least four years. Their solid and deep friendship, born more than twenty years ago on the counter of Striscia la Notizia, broke in 2019 for reasons that neither of them has ever wanted to clarify. But now Elizabeth in her Instagram stories has published an old photo of herself with Maddalena at the time of their friendship. No comments, just a funny emoji. The image has gone around the social networks, and many hope that between the two, after years of frost, a rapprochement is in progress. Or at least that Canalis wanted to send her former best friend a sign of peace. What has kept the two apart remains a mystery.

Maddalena Corvaglia on the Break with Elisabetta Canalis: “Reasons Too Serious, What She Did is Unforgivable”

“I will never say what happened. I do not forgive her, it was too serious for me. When you lose trust, friendship breaks. For a long time I felt an emptiness, now I am used to her absence,” Corvaglia said last April to the Corriere della Sera, while not denying the beautiful moments spent together at the time of Striscia. “During those three years together everyone was convinced that sooner or later we would fight, instead we always protected and supported each other. It was a beautiful friendship, which ended does not take away anything. With Elizabeth we were inseparable and accomplices even in the most difficult moments”. Corvaglia had also alluded to the Canalis topic last February in the Verissimo living room. And even then on the possibility of a rapprochement she appeared quite skeptical: “Of course I love her and I am happy when she is too”. But “when trust is broken, it is difficult to recover”.

The Irreconcilable Differences and the New Love: Inside the Divorce of Elisabetta Canalis and Brian Perri

Now, however, the new social photo posted by Elizabeth has arrived. Maddalena has not commented, but for the fans of the couple formed by the historical former velines, who have never stopped hoping for a “return of flame”, this is an excellent sign.


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