Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore together (for Christmas): the family photo

Full of meaning is the photos Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore have shared on their respective profiles Instagram in the days when the saying ‘Christmas with your family, it increases to value the concept of family. “Merry Christmas from me to Eli and Nathan Falco,” reads accompanying the picture of the family that shows the entrepreneur along with the ex-wife and son of Nathan , ready to celebrate Christmas in Dubai, in an atmosphere that seems far removed from the latest tensions that had broken up their relationship.

It has been about two months, in fact, from the images that make everlasting Briatore in the company of twenty-year-old Blessed Bosi, and still less by the harsh comments of the showgirl that on the alleged romance between the former husband and the young model had expressed her disappointment. Now, however, considered to be the serenity on the faces of both, any form of bitterness seems to be past for the good of their Nathan, especially, at the centre of a shot, much appreciated by the followers happy to find them so united.

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Merry Christmas from me to Eli and Nathan Falco @elisabettagregoracireal 😘😘😘😘😘 #billionairedubai🇦🇪 #dubai

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“Flavio Briatore has left Blessed Bosi with a sms”

And in all this, where’s the Blessed Bosi, referred to as a flame Flavio Briatore of up to a few weeks ago? To give news is the weekly Who’s that in the number in newspaper stand this week ensures that the entrepreneur would come back single after leaving the student, 20-year-old.

Holidays from single to Flavio Briatore that he has left, after a romantic weekend in London, the young Blessed. Flavio has dismissed the story with a text message, lose their tracks”, we read in the book ‘Goodies and Gossip’ that leaves unsolved the question of the possibility that the heart of Flavio Briatore beats still for the ex-wife Elisabetta Gregoraci, now smiling beside him in the beautiful photos social.

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