Elizabeth II : this letter is heart-wrenching written to her father, on the day of his death

In full trip to Kenya in February 1952, queen Elizabeth II learned of the death of his father. Without knowing it, she was in the process of writing him one last letter, that he has never been able to read.

On February 6, 1952, the life of the young Elizabeth has changed from one day to the next day. In full trip to Kenya with her husband Philip, the great-grandmother of princes William and Harry learned of the death of his father, king George VI. At the age of 25, she became queen Elizabeth II. After sixteen years of rule, the father of the monarch passed away at the age of 56 of a coronary thrombosis in his sleep. It is prince Philip who has had the difficult task to announce the death of George VI to his wife. But just before you learn the terrible news, queen Elizabeth II was in the process of writing a letter to his father. A scene that has been retransmitted to the same in season 1 of the series the Crown ! Without knowing that this was the last time that she was going to speak to his father, the young woman told him his trip to Kenya, as seen in the Mirror.

“I’m really sorry”

She talked to her animals she had observed in the moonlight, the point of water below the hotel Treetops in Kenya,” writes the media of the uk. Unfortunately, George VI will never have the opportunity to read the adventures of his daughter in Africa, or having no idea of the very long reign that her daughter will experience within the british monarchy. And when she learned that her father had just died, Elizabeth II has had a reaction surprisingly calm. “I’m really sorry. This means that we must all go home”, she pronounced to his staff, but also to prince Philip, when his life had just totally be turned upside down.