Elliot Page, Kate Mara Love Story: Shocking Revelations


The Attack on Elliot Page

He doesn’t mention his name, he doesn’t care, he just says that one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood verbally attacked him one night at a party. Elliot Page, a transgender actor (born Ellen on paper), is taking more than one pebble out of his shoe in the memoir Pageboy (published in Italy by Mondadori), including the one towards his colleague. It was 2014 and, according to his reconstruction, he heard: “You’re not gay. It doesn’t make sense. You’re just afraid of men. So I could f*** you to make you understand that you’re not.”

The First Mutual Love at First Sight

Among the most romantic moments, there is also the first mutual love at first sight. The actor – who in 2007 was nominated for the Oscars for Juno and who today works on the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy – revealed: “The first person I fell in love with after my heart was broken was Kate Mara, who was then dating the sweet and talented Max Minghella,” ex of Elle Fanning. “I never thought I would love two people together but now I know it’s possible”: according to Elliot Page’s reconstruction, the actress told him this, at a time when (after coming out as heterosexual), Page was trying to understand his sexual orientation better. “I have a pattern – he admits – I always fall in love with people who are not totally available. As if it were a safety net, a constant in my life”. He then adds that he is still very much attached to Kate: “The affection and care we have for each other is something special. And different from the intimacy I’m talking about in the book”. The actress has been married since 2017 to Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), whom she met on the set of The Fantastic Four. They have two children, a boy and a girl, but they are very jealous of their privacy.

The Other Confessions of the Book

In the other confessions of the book, Elliot Page maintains total secrecy about the names and indeed also tells of having had a two-year relationship with a colleague who has not come out. Again he is silent about the identity of the actress, telling this clandestine relationship of which even his friends were unaware and which left him in pieces. “I don’t think she loved me. We cared for each other in our beautiful bubble. And I admired her because she inspired me in so many ways, but hiding it hurt me too much. It was impossible and it couldn’t go on like this, so I learned that I’ll never do it again”. What awaits him professionally in the future? Two dubbings: Naya legend of the golden dolphin and ARK: The Animated Series. And then, of course, activism in the LGBT + community and the discovery of oneself, a path that the book has helped him to do.


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