Elliot Page, Leonardo DiCaprio: Arranged Date for Friend


The Autobiography of Elliot Page

In his autobiography Pageboy, Elliot Page revealed himself without censorship. In the book, the Hollywood actor collected many stories from his past, from the success of Juno to the awareness of wanting to change gender, culminating in the transition in 2020.

Leonardo DiCaprio on Set

During the shooting of the film Inception, DiCaprio was joined on set by a friend, Peter, who was very warm and friendly, winning the sympathy of everyone. At the time Elliot Page was just over twenty and had not yet confessed to being attracted to women. In fact, at the time the artist was striving to go out with boys, almost to reassure those around him. Page had let Leonardo DiCaprio know that he found his friend Peter very cute and he had replied that the interest was mutual, so much so that in a very short time he had organized a date for the two of them.

Universal Studios Outing

The outing, however, had not been the classic couple: Elliot Page and Peter had been accompanied by Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother and the four of them had gone together to Universal Studios. “Peter and I sat close together on the rides, our thighs just touching,” Elliot Page wrote in his book, remembering that first meeting. However, the relationship with Peter did not last more than a few months, demonstrating the fact that Elliot Page’s truth was another.


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