Elodie moves abroad for love: Living with Andrea Iannone.


The Love Story Between Elodie and Andrea Iannone

Gossips never really believed in the love between Elodie and Andrea Iannone: the end of her relationship with rapper was still too fresh to start a new serious story without any other thoughts. But facts tell a different story. The relationship between the singer who left Amici in 2015 – and in recent years at the peak of her career – and the 33-year-old motorcyclist is going well, at least judging by the social networks and rumors of an upcoming cohabitation that are becoming more and more insistent. The only real obstacle to the love between the two, in fact, seemed until now to be the distance: based in Milan she, stable in her villa in Lugano he, the distance was – as for all couples – a source of difficulty.

The Plans to Bridge the Distance

Now, however, according to rumors, the two lovers are determined to bridge it. For some time now there has been talk of a transfer of him to the Lombard capital, and of the search for a love nest to start cohabitation. A step justified by a strong relationship, as evidenced by the wishes made by Iannone to Elodie on Instagram on her birthday, last May 3. “I LOVE and I RESPECT you, you are IMMENSE. Happy birthday my love “, wrote the pilot, with the caps lock signature of a love shouted out loud. Then, the release of the summer single “Crazy Music”, in collaboration with Marco Mengoni, to seal a professionally fortunate period for the singer. The work commitments – her tour, the “Elodie Show”, will continue during the summer and end at the end of the year – obviously, have not put the couple’s projects in the background, even if things seem to have changed a little from the original plans.

The Rumors of Cohabitation

According to the well-informed, in fact, it will not be Iannone who will move to Milan to join his partner, but Elodie will fly to Lugano to settle with him. Is there also the will to keep away from prying eyes and the “negative vibes” of those who constantly talk about a couple at the end of the line?


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