Elodie’s Epic Journey: Taking it All


To get to the top, there are those who never get used to the success even when they should. Elodie is one of these and to prove it, just take a look at the past week of the artist. We saw her last Wednesday at the David di Donatello, her first nomination, and in 2022 she also debuted where she never would have thought: at the cinema. A tough movie, Ti mangio il cuore, with a pass to the Venice Film Festival, which now saw her win for Best Original Song (Proiettili). When Elodie heard her name, she looked incredulously at the camera and her colleague, co-star Joan Thiele. “I’m really, really excited. I didn’t expect it, but because I never win,” she said afterwards with the statuette in her hands. The encore came on Friday night. Another big victory, another incredulous look. Not on the stage, though. Elodie took home her first Forum di Assago (really sold out) and it was an incredible show. Everyone agreed, critics, fans and even social media. Elodie put her head and heart into it. Dancers, music, incredible looks and above all a lot of care and dedication. Some saw Dua Lipa, some Queen Beyonce, and some a mix between Loredana Bertè and Raffaella Carrà. All true. Another milestone: it was the first Amazon Music Live produced in Italy that was also broadcast live, in over 240 countries. Elodie’s journey began in 2015, when she was 24 years old, and she was aiming for the Amici finals. Then came Sanremo, Andromeda, Il Bagno a mezzanotte, the partnership (not only artistic) with Marracash. But the most important year is this one. Rewind: September 2022 the movie at Venice; February 2023 the return – as a big star – to Sanremo with Due, and then her first docuserie, Sento ancora la vertigine. And still two billion streams, 500 million streams for the album Ok. Respira, 26 platinum records. In February, the singer talked about the fear of never being enough. To make peace with it, every day. “Now I’m aware of my limits, this is my strength,” she said, “I’ve been in therapy several times to understand that inside me a child has remained whom I protect and whom I will continue to protect because she didn’t grow up the right way. Every day I give her the tools to understand herself and others. I respect her, but I also know how to make her have fun.” And now Elodie doesn’t stop, rightly so. Three more big shows are already scheduled for next autumn (always for Vivo Concerti): Milan, Naples, Rome. Elodie’s journey is one of courage. Last February the singer mentioned how she was making peace with her fear of never being enough. “I’m aware of my limits, this is my strength,” she said. We have seen it well. Always February 2023: “I feel like taking it all.” It happened: Elodie took it all.


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