Elon Musk visits Palazzo Chigi with Giorgia Meloni


Meeting Elon Musk: A Moment of Great Cordiality

It is not known if, between an interview on the low Italian birth rate and one on the future challenges of Artificial Intelligence, Giorgia Meloni also had time to ask Elon Musk about the controversial use of blue ticks for payment on Twitter. The billionaire entrepreneur was received by the Prime Minister during his European tour, which saw him in Italy for a handful of hours: he arrived from Texas this morning on a private flight landed at Ciampino, went to Palazzo Chigi before flying to France to meet President Emanuel Macron. Arrived aboard a white Tesla (and it could not have been otherwise, considering that he himself is at the head of the futuristic car company), Elon Musk was first received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani, and then met the Prime Minister. It was the same minister, using Musk’s social media courteously, who illustrated the themes of their meeting: “We talked about automotive and aerospace, sectors where Italy has cutting-edge manpower and technology,” Tajani wrote on Twitter. “Ready to collaborate on the challenges of our time such as cyber security. I congratulated him on his entrepreneurial successes”.

Discussing Low Fertility and Artificial Intelligence

Later, in a meeting lasting an hour and a half and ending in the late afternoon, the entrepreneur then met Meloni, to talk about some very disparate topics, considering that they went from the dangers of Artificial Intelligence to the issue of low fertility. The latter, moreover, is not new to Musk, who has repeatedly declared himself to be extremely concerned about the global decline in births, going so far as to declare in a tweet that “the collapse of the population due to low birth rates is a much greater risk to civilization than global warming”, a statement on which the scientific community would probably have something to object to. Yet Musk reiterated the concept: “You have to have babies. Have babies!”, he declared to the microphones of TG1 after his conversation with the President of the Council, with whom he said he had had “a very good conversation”.

A Great Love for Italy and its Future

“She seemed to me to have a great love for Italy and its future, she really cares,” Musk continued. “I was very pleased to welcome Elon Musk to Palazzo Chigi today,” Meloni commented on social media. “A very fruitful meeting and a moment of great cordiality where we addressed some crucial issues: innovation, opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence, European market rules and fertility. Onwards towards the future challenges that unite us”.


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