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Elsa Lunghini: Dordogne Renovation with Husband.

Elsa Lunghini’s Thousand Lives

At 50 years old, Elsa Lunghini has already had a thousand lives. When she was only eight years old, the little girl starred in her very first movie role in Claude Miller’s Garde à vue, alongside Romy Schneider, Lino Ventura and Michel Serrault. Then, as a teenager, she achieved immense success with her song T’en va pas and filled concert halls all by herself.

Elsa Lunghini’s Relationship with Peter Kröner

The actress who now plays Clotilde Armand in the series Ici tout commence also had a son, Luigi, from her relationship with the musician Peter Kröner. “Becoming a mother at 21 was a way of telling [her father, ed.] and producers and the press to go to hell,” Liberation reported this Friday, August 25th. In the newspaper’s columns, the actress also opened up about her more than ever peaceful daily life with her husband Aurélien Cheval, a set decorator in the film and advertising industries.

Elsa Lunghini’s Epic Journey with Aurélien Cheval

“Together, they play music, take pictures, and restore their beautiful house in the Dordogne,” our colleague from Liberation writes. In their free time, the two lovers travel around Europe in a converted truck. The beautiful brunette had already spoken about this epic journey to Gala. “He already had this project when we met, and I really wanted a free life like this. So as soon as neither of us is working, we go. That’s all we can think about,” she said. Although Elsa Lunghini has had several long-term relationships, including one with footballer Bixente Lizarazu, the actress had never thought about getting married until she met Aurélien Cheval.



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