Emanuela Grimalda: “Girlfriend for two years, with Stefano Accorsi”

In the cast of ‘I Wanted to be a Rock Star – Things to do before 30’, the new fiction in onda su Rai 2, Emanuela Grimalda has made a splash in the past to ‘Come to me’, going back to his first steps in the world of tv and cinema and revealing unpublished background. It was Stefano Accorsi, then her boyfriend, to convince her: “I Have been girlfriend with Stefano Accorsi for two years. At the time I was working in the theater, it was him that made me want to try it with the cinema”.

Between them an intense story, ended when she moved to Rome: “I Thought the big screen was not for me, that worked just fine. He was good and very nice. It has inspired me to move to Rome, but when I arrived in the Capital we have left”.

Now the actress is happy next to his partner, Elio Arzu, and their son Giaime, born in 2016, when she was 51 years old, receiving not a few criticisms. “I selfish? he explained to Caterina Balivo – You can say many things, but in general, being a parent also means being selfish. I have found that my life was full of things and there were also many, many things that were not useful. Let’s say so. I did a path analysis to go deeper in some issues. And I discovered that inside of me there was this space. I was lucky and was born a child of wonder”.