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Emile disappearance, 2yo: “Accident, not negligence”, friend of family breaks silence

Unity is Strength

On Saturday 8th July 2023, two and a half year old Emile was playing in the garden while on vacation with his grandparents. A few minutes later, he had disappeared and since then, the police and military have been searching for him, France is worried and the parents are praying for his return. Unity is strength, no tension, reproach or guilt between the members of Emile’s family, as already indicated by the prosecutor in charge of the case last night during his press conference. The parents do not blame the grandparents. The time for settling accounts does not exist, at least not for the moment, only the fact of finding the child counts. Words that go with those of the gendarmes who spoke a few days ago of Emile as a “butterfly follower”.

Searching for a New Lead

The hamlet of Haut-Vernet is now closed off and authorities are trying to find out more, looking for the testimony that may be the key to a new lead. According to a friend of the commune of Bouches-du-Rhône where the grandparents and parents of Émile live all year round, what happened has nothing to do with inattention. “It’s not negligence, but an accident. Nature is hostile. I have a little boy who is exactly the same age as Émile. Little ones are attracted to nature, they are wide awake. When they see a river or any other natural element, they rush in,” she said.

Vital Prognosis Engaged

If we know that now the vital prognosis of the child is very engaged and that the privileged track seems to be that of an accident followed by the concealment of the body, large means continue to be put in place to find the little boy. The 30 buildings that make up the hamlet have been completely visited and the 25 people who were on the hamlet have been heard. 12 vehicles have been visited and 12 hectares have been raked. And it is no longer 15 investigators who will be on the case but 20 and a national investigation unit will be opened. Means that, one hopes, will help to solve this very sad affair.



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