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Emile disappearance: Dad in “town pants” & inactive during search? Mom responds, firm stance!

The Disappearance of Émile

Plunged into a nightmare since the mysterious disappearance of their son Émile (2 and a half years old) on July 8th last, his parents, Colomban and Marie, have seen the attention of the press suddenly focus on them in recent weeks. And if their life, as well as that of their family, has been dissected by the media through testimonies of close or less close people, both have also seen several false information emerge, which they had to denounce this Tuesday in their first interview with the magazine Famille Chrétienne.

Inappropriate Clothing and Calm Attitude

In particular about their behavior, just after the disappearance. According to some witnesses, the father of the little boy had intrigued by his inappropriate clothes for a search and his calm attitude, smoking a pipe in the background. An image not in line with reality, according to Marie, outraged: “It is false, for example, that Colomban did the searches with a suit and a turtleneck! He had a torn jeans and a pullover because in the morning, at 7 o’clock, it is cold, especially when you lack of sleep …”, she recalled in the interview.

Difficult First Days

It must be said that the first days had been difficult: just after the disappearance of the little boy, the gendarmes had raked the surroundings “until two o’clock in the morning,” according to the parents, and had then organized huge searches around the village, helped by many volunteers. Moments during which Colomban and his father-in-law had stood out. And he wanted to explain himself. “I have been reproached, for example, as well as my father-in-law, for being too directive during the searches. Sometimes, there were no gendarmes with the volunteers and it was necessary to guide people to move forward in line on complicated reliefs. Our anguish of father and grandfather was that we could pass by Émile without seeing him. Anyone could have understood it “, he says in the interview. A clarification that also concerns their religion, they who are very believers and turned to faith at the time of the drama, or their political opinions. And which must do them good, after two months of deep silence and a life away from the media. In any case, the time is now back to school for the couple, who continue to “keep hope” that this whole story ends well …



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