Emilia Clarke: “do Not ask me anything before nine in the morning”

Fun, optimistic, kind and the perfect British girl knows how to prepare a good tea. Emilia Clarke, Mother of Dragons, has become just also the mother of Ted, her new dachshund puppy. Emilia opened its second life, the second after ten intense years and eight seasons of the series Game of Thrones, and after you have passed with resilience as well as two brain aneurysms that have endangered his life and his dreams, with a new project beauty: “beauty is the first Global Ambassador of Clinique.

A role that seems to cut out on the fit for her: “I have just asked to be myself,” he said during the presentation event, together with Jane Lauder, Clinique Global Brand President, at Somerset House in London. “Clinique is a brand that is timeless, I already talked about my mom, is very authentic in its presentation, and what I have always done during my career is just to be authentic. People want to know who you really are, and in this brand encouraged me a lot.”

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And to think that to interpret the fantasy character of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, it was all the opposite: they sought a woman of mystery, ethereal blonde, who could bring the long silver hair. You presented her, petite, buxom and brunette. Emilia got the part which cost her hours and hours of sessions of makeup and “hair” day, but that has earned 4 Emmy Awards and 2 Critics Choice Awards. Behind the scenes, however, Emilia has never renounced to its authenticity. Remained faithful to her natural brown until last season, when he yielded to the platinum blonde of her character.

The London event came elegant with her outfit, the white, the right extension, ethereal, and “clean” appearance, glowy and fresh on his skin.

Although he has told us not to be able to make the bend to the hair, Emilia has always been a super beauty guru in the family: his mother, who in the past has worked for a cosmetic company. Passed on an innate sense of the beauty, fresh and revitalizing. “I have been lucky to have a mom who worked in the cosmetic industry, I grew up to the sound of “this is effective and not this”. He taught me that the basic is the one that works best: cleanse well, moisturizes, rigged a little, and your skin thank you for it. So I have become a person of “less is more“”. Sleep is one of its weapons of beauty and has even confessed: “do Not ask me anything before nine in the morning”, is not a bird early in the morning.

Between her beauty essential there are the mascara and the bb cream, for the ultimate complexion on despite the grey of London. In the new Clinique iD Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing BB-Gel has found the super power to give new light to her tired skin. “It works, my skin appreciates this attention and my dog loves to lick immediately after,” he wrote in a post on Instagram with the usual sympathy.

You often hear that the eyes are the reflection of the soul, and the eyes speak…. But if you’re Emilia Clarke speak through your eyebrows. Those of Emilia, is much more than just eyebrows. His body language, when to move, are the expression of his fun personality. And even here there is the hand of the mother, who has always said not to remove them. “In the ’90s, I was a little girl, and it was fashionable to have the eyebrow pencil. When I discovered the tweezers, my mom said to me once “posala”! To get you even closer!”. And she continues to follow these tips.

Feel happy with themselves regardless of the mood we wake up in the morning. “Your skin is tired and you feel tired? Okay, we need to feel comfortable in all the version of ourselves”.