Emily Ratajkowski with the armpits not depilated, the cover is feminist: “The right to choose”

The photo taken by Emily Ratajkowski for Harper’s Bazaar US is a statement that is feminist. The super top model defends the law, essential for every woman is to communicate the version of himself that he prefers, without necessarily wishing to conform to one standard of beauty imposed from the outside. With the armpits not depilated , and the look that goes straight to the goal, the Ratajkowski embraces the statement already cleared years ago by Madonna, and, anticipating the shot, on his profile on Instagram, he wrote: “we Offer women the opportunity to be anything they want”.

“Give women the opportunity to be whatever they want and as multifaceted as they can be.” I wrote an essay for @harpersbazaarus about the importance of women’s right to choose (how she dresses, what she posts, if she decides to shave or not) no matter what influences have shaped the way she presents herself. Do your thing ladies, whatever it might be. Link in bio.

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The essay on feminism

For Harper’s Bazaar US, in addition to the cover, Emily wrote an essay on feminism, a hymn to femininity that comes from one of the most influential in the world of fashion: “If I decide to shave the underarms or to grow the hair up to me. For me, the hairs of the body of a woman are an opportunity for women to exercise their ability to choose how you want to feel, with or without hair”. Then, he added:

There are days when I like to shave but there are others where you can let grow the hair on my body makes me feel sexy. There is no right or wrong answer, one that makes me more or less feminist or a “bad feminist”, borrowing the words of Roxane Gray. As long as that is my choice, I think it is always the right one. In the end, the identity and sexuality of each individual is dependent on him and no one else.

The power of female sexuality

Feminism is a concept that is at the heart of the Ratajkowski, so as to have it addressed several times over the years, a strong audience privileged which has enabled it to become a model for many young women in every part of the world. Harper’s Bazaar in the US, the model vindicates the power of female sexuality as a means to impose one’s individuality:

Our culture is afraid of women in general, but even more of the innate power of female sexuality. A woman becomes too powerful, so threatening, when he is conscious of his sexuality. Then we insist with the concept of embarrassment, insists that a woman to lose femininity when flaunts his sexuality.