Emma Garcia, Aitor Senar Love Story: All You Need to Know


The Love Story of Emma García and Aitor Senar

Sometimes, we come across couples that remind us that love can be as solid as a rock and capable of lasting in time with a perseverance that transforms passion into devotion and a wonderful admiration. And one of them is the one formed by the presenter of ‘Fiesta’, Emma García, and her husband, the Basque engineer Aitor Senar, whom we recently saw in Seville, at the wedding of Joaquín Torres and Raúl Prieto, openly showing their love, something unheard of until now. At first, what I had with Aitor was an absolute crush and I know he had one with me too, Emma remembered on one occasion, when talking about the moment when her gaze crossed with Aitor’s, when they were 16 years old, in her native town, Ordizia (Guipúzcoa).

The Reunion and the Wedding

And, although, as in any romance worth its salt, their story had “several stops”, as she herself has related, those moments of rupture only served to make them realize how much they missed each other. Surely, at that time of distance, the two made their own the lyrics of a famous bolero that says: “It’s that you have become part of my soul and nothing consoles me if you are not here too”. Who knows if they were listening to this melody or another similar one during the definitive reunion, in the 90s, in which they decided, encouraged by a very hardworking Cupid, not to separate again. Since then, they have been together, sharing the ups and downs of life, the changes, the illusions and an infinite love that ended in marriage on July 23, 2000, on the beach of Zarautz, after 10 years of relationship. It was Emma who asked Aitor to marry her one night, in bed, when they were going to sleep.

The Move to Madrid

In every love story there are tests that serve to measure the quality of the feelings and their resistance to the unexpected. In the case of Emma and Aitor their trial by fire came two years after the wedding, when she, who was working at ETB, the Basque TV, was offered the program ‘A tu lado’ on Telecinco and had to move to Madrid. We loved each other very much, but we hardly saw each other. Until he came. And then I discovered that I was much better with him than without him, she said, who in July 2006, gave birth to the couple’s only daughter, Uxue. And there, Aitor, who has always unconditionally and without reservations supported his wife, took another step forward and moved to Madrid to be with the mother of his daughter.


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