Emma Garcia confronts Raquel Bollo about daughter Alma’s attitude towards Carlos Sobera: “Disappointing”.


The Tense Fight Between Isa Pantoja and Alma Bollo

Last Tuesday, Isa Pantoja and Alma Bollo starred in one of the most tense fights seen in the latest edition of ‘Survivors’. This week, the former contestant returned to Spain as an expelled and engaged in a shouting match with her cousin, whom Carmen Borrego had to take out of the studio so that she could recover, since it had affected her very badly.

Raquel Bollo’s Accusations

The situation reached such a point that Raquel Bollo also joined the “lynching” of Isabel Pantoja’s daughter and accused her of having “destroyed” Manuel Cortés’ contest, her eldest son. Statements that have confused many, since the young man had to leave the reality show for health reasons, not for the audience.

Emma García’s Criticism

Now, Raquel has returned to ‘Fiesta’ and has tried to explain her harsh statements against Isabel Pantoja’s daughter, but Emma García has not hesitated to put her feet on the ground and has criticized the aggressive attitude with which both spoke to Isa. “Let me tell you one thing, Raquel. Manuel, who has been a great survivor, is on the street because unfortunately he has had to leave ‘Survivors’. It was not because of the fight with Asraf,” she began. Raquel Bollo insisted that she was not understood well, but the presenter did not want to leave anything in the inkwell and also pointed out Alma for her attitude with Isa and with Carlos Sobera.


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