Emma insulted on Instagram, spoke the father: “Poor” Support Today

Even the quarantine is able to neutralize the hater. Yesterday afternoon, during a live on Instagram, Emma Brown found herself having to defend from the exit of the offensive of a guy: “I Hope you die”, he has written in the comments. And she responded to the tone, finding the support of his father Rosary: “Why don’t you realize that to read, there are also my parents,” he explained.

In front of the attack free of the hater, Emma has quickly changed expression. And the smile is passed to a face darkening. “The eye that everything comes back – he has exclaimed, – I get angry because, especially at this time does not seem the case with writing these messages. I am very sorry when I read these messages horrible… people that are just bad”. Then he addressed some words to his fans: “I Would like to meet you, as always happened, we must keep still hard, but when that will happen will be an explosion of joy so strong that will keep us more united. These situations emphasize the ugliness, the interior of certain people, I hope that this time will leave a bit of common sense. I hope in the change, we have to realize what are the important things in life”.

Emma, in an attempt to recover the moral, has invited his parents to connect to the direct. The family in fact is vivenda a quarantine separate: the singer in Rome, together with the manager, Francesca Savini, and the parents of Lecce, his native land. To return to this issue, it was the dad’s Rosary: “don’t bother about what they write, they are poor”, he said with a helper. And she concluded: “This is to make it clear to certain people, that we also have a family. Every so often reasoned, my dad and my mom look at my post and read often bad things. I even tired to delete the comments, I hope that people read as much as you are ugly inside”.

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