Emma Mackey (Sex Education) : “In college I was stuck “

Emma Mackey is among the new revelations in france of the year 2019. The actress is a real star in the series Sex Education in which she played Maeve, a young girl of great character. But in real life, her temperament is complement each other the role that she embodies…

With nearly 42 million views only a few weeks after its release, “Sex Education” turns out to be one of the biggest success of Netflix. Tour in wales, this series has given the opportunity to bring light to new talent. Among them, Emma Mackey, a franco-british 23-year-old. Although she plays the role of Maeve Miley, a girl at look rock, with pink hair, many piercings, smart, funny, rebellious, and above all confident, the young actress, who is in his first role, does not have the same personality as the teen brazen she plays. One can even say that it is far away.

A scene intense

The young sarthoise is delivered to the open heart in an interview with Libération. It is said to have grown up in a catholic family that ” discussions of sexual were free, but reserved “. Its role may prove to be the polar opposite of the education provided by his parents but also to his personality. “In college I was stuck,” she said. Funny situation to Emma Mackey, who plays the role of a student who convinces his classmate to be the therapist’s sexual friends and that reproduced scenes of sex “, choreographed to the millimeter so that each viewer feels comfortable and safe “. “The series I was educated and gave me confidence. It has allowed me to talk about things I would never have talked to before, ” confides the actress. One thing is certain, in view of his live performances, although this role is the first for Emma, this will surely not be the last !