Emmanuel Macron : the head of State prepared to leave in abeyance the changes ?

The program in charge of Emmanuel Macron could force him to postpone officially the reshuffle of the government of Edouard Philippe. A lesser evil, for the head of State, which does not seem as pressed the idea to settle, according to Le Figaro.

Emmanuel Macron



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The end of the Municipal itself would accelerate the schedule policy of the government ? For several weeks, it was in the air : Emmanuel Macron was to proceed, in the aftermath of the local elections, a cabinet reshuffle. The contours of it are still to draw : with or without Edouard Philippe ? What positions are the most prone to change ? After the victory of Edouard Philippe in le Havre, the head of State would have been able to make the choice to settle quickly, leaving a record in his right arm for the opportunity to be elected by the municipal Council, or to leave his place. Finally, the suspense could last a little longer than expected.

The option of stacking ?

Monday, June 29, Edouard Philippe and Emmanuel Macron have organized a small interview, of which nothing has filtered. The little bit of communication on this issue suggests that the president of the Republic is going to measure his decision before making a decision, according to various sources cited by Le Figaro. According to the newspaper, Edouard Philippe could attend the city Council havrais this weekend, where he will, therefore, be elected mayor, before you find out more about his future at Matignon. “The Prime minister would then be allowed to accumulate temporarily” its two mandates, writes Le Figaro. “We can stand to have a mayor of le Havre Sunday, and rename it Monday or Tuesday”, breath about a close friend of Emmanuel Macron. Especially that the agenda of the president of the Republic is particularly rich, and doesn’t leave a lot of room to work on the new governance : on Tuesday 30 June, the head of State is in Mauritania, and then will fly out in the stride for Senegal. For the moment, the agenda of Emmanuel Macron in the month of July has not yet been released by the Elysée. It will, perhaps, see more clearly.