Emmanuel-Philibert Savoie announces big news: daughter Vittoria targeted!


A New Start for the Royal Family

Since Italy has not had a king since 1946, the lineage of its last monarch, King Humbert II, remains in the spotlight. Until now, his grandson Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy was at the head of the royal family. He still is, but he is going to abdicate, it was learned on Monday, June 5, 2023, in an interview he gave to the Italian media Corriere Torino. This is a wish of his 86-year-old father, Prince Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy.

A Step Towards Equality

This situation thus benefits his daughter, Princess Vittoria of Savoy (born in 2003 from her marriage to the actress Clotilde Courau, the couple has another daughter named Luisa, born in 2006, ed.): “I’m going to step aside and let a woman step into the light. I’m sure she’ll do better than me. It was my father who made this decision, which I find very fair and modern. Soon, in Europe, there will be more queens than kings. Everyone realizes, albeit a bit late, that the intelligence and sensitivity of responsible women can be wonderful.” At only 19 years old, Vittoria will thus take power. And if some are wondering how this is possible, it must be remembered that in December 2019, Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy decided to repeal the Salic law which until now prohibited women from ruling Italy: “The Salic law is anachronistic, it is outdated. Men have nothing more, nothing less”.

A New Beginning

“I opened the way. I removed the weeds. Everything I did, I did it because I wanted to. It was particularly important for my daughters because I wanted to give them the opportunity to start a life, a career, in Italy. In this world that I did not have. Make sure they can start over,” concluded the Prince of Piedmont, while as a reminder, the Italian royal family was able to return to the peninsula only in 2002, when the law of exile ended. This is thus a new start for the family, with the election of Vittoria at its head. It is also a great advancement for the fight against inequality between men and women, which is becoming more and more accentuated day by day.


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