Emmanuel-Philibert Savoie: Resigning for daughter Vittoria? He sets things straight!


Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy’s Promise

Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy has promised to abdicate his position as head of the family in favour of his daughter Vittoria, but not yet! Despite announcing it in recent days and the news causing much reaction, the forty-year-old wanted to clarify the situation: he will give his daughter all the time she needs to take and assume all the responsibilities.

Vittoria’s Preparation

It must be said that the young girl is only 19 years old and she must first finish her “long course in art history and political science” in her English university. Even though she is already starting to take an interest in her future missions: “She accompanies me more and more. She often goes to Italy alone,” reveals her father, proud that the young girl is engaging for those in need: “She is also very involved in social work. For example, she went to Ukraine with the Red Cross to distribute basic necessities. When there were the terrible floods in the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy, she was the one who found, with our orders, who to help.”

Emmanuel-Philibert’s Pride

Very proud, the head of the family is even sure that his eldest will “do better” the job than him. She is also aware that she will have to, in addition to her duties, build a almost normal life: “She is very attached to the name she bears. Let us not forget that we are not a reigning monarchy, so at the same time, she will have to work, earn her living. And then, I hope, one day she will marry, have children and I think, once she has done all that, she will be ready to become head of the House of Savoy. But for now, she is only 19 years old. She has time…” Attentive to the happiness of his daughters (he is also the father of Luisa, soon 17 years old), whose mother is his wife for 20 years, the actress Clotilde Courau, the prince already knows: he will not force his daughter and will wait until “the time is right”. “When Vittoria wants it, I will have no problem stepping aside to let her take the reins of the House of Savoy. I know she will be able and just in her position. She has the sensitivity for it. She will be able to continue the work that my father started and that I am pursuing”, he says with love. And he works for their future above all: “Everything I do now, both for our dynastic and culturally orders in the name of the House of Savoy, I do it for my daughters, Vittoria and Luisa, to open a much simpler path for them than the one I had.” A beautiful message!


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