Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova the parents of a little girl


Enrique Iglesias became father for the third time, but the news, in fact, had already made the rounds of the web. The ad had been given by the singer in the american south, but from his brother, who in an interview had stated that the sister-in-law, Anna Kournikova gave birth to the creature that she carried in her womb, without, however, revealing the sex of the unborn child. We thought the pop star has posted a photo which is portrait with his third baby.

The shots with the girl

The birth would take place already on January 30, 2020, but both parents have not spread any news, until a few days ago, probably led to do so following the unexpected revelation of the brother of the singer, who then broke the secret that the pair had failed to protect from the prying eyes of the media. Even the pregnancy had been hidden cleverly hidden, so it is true that the pictures of Anna Kournikova pregnant have been spread by some of the weekly iberian. The Russian tennis player, naturalized american, would have given birth to a beautiful little girl, as can be deduced from the headgear and an eye-catching bow that you see in the rear shots published by both bear simply the dedication “My Sunshine” and beside the date of birth, a moment so beautiful and intimate that the couple wanted to keep it for himself, before sharing their happiness with the fans.

Parents of twins

Enrique Inglesias and Anna Kournikova were already the parents of twins: Lucy and Nicholas, born on the 16th of December 2017. In this circumstance, the pregnancy of a tennis champion, passed completely unnoticed, and the media failed to disseminate any news about it. The couple released the first pictures of the children just one month after the birth. The two have been engaged for 17 years, and a considerable amount of time and it was the singer to unravel several years ago, in an interview with the british newspaper Metro the secret of their relationship long-lived: “All couples have to go through bad moments and positive moments. For me it is impossible to think of a relationship as perfect. I never thought that could exist. You have to be realistic”.

My Sunshine 01.30.2020

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