Enrique Ponce & Ana Soria: Statements that angered their circle


Romantic Relationship between Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria’s televised confessions on ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ have far from cleared up doubts, they have sown many more. They wanted to keep their relationship private (although they shared numerous photos in the first months), but suddenly they decided to expose themselves publicly and in prime time – for Ana, as she acknowledged, it was her first television appearance. The reason, according to Ponce, is “to deny the insults and calumnies of some people”. “We have been listening to things that are not fair for three years,” added Ana. “I have gone to therapy,” the young woman denounced, thus justifying the presence of both on Pablo Motos’s show. “She is the woman I am madly in love with because of her big heart… more concerned about others than about herself,” Ponce declared live.

Love at First Sight

His intervention raised blisters by revealing, for example, that his romance did not begin in July 2020, just after Ponce separated from Paloma Cuevas, as most people believed. Then, in addition, it was ensured that there were no third parties in that break, but in view of the story that the couple made in the studio of the program it is clear that it was not like that. Ponce greets Ana after learning of their relationship, in El Puerto de Santa María, in August 2020, where he suffered a bullfighting. The bullfighter explained that he saw the young woman in the stands the day he cut four ears in the bullring of Almería. Both spoke of a love at first sight. “When she looked at me, the world stopped there for me. I had a feeling I had never had before,” Ana assured. From that same day, Ponce looked for her and initiated contact with her, as they explained in detail on the program.

Reactions to the Interview

That fight, according to the press, took place on August 24, 2017, three years before his separation from Cuevas, so the day after his television appearance, Ana was forced to contradict the bullfighter and spoke of a supposed confusion. “To the naggers. Enrique remembers that he triumphed and went out on his shoulders, but damn, he doesn’t remember the exact number of ears. So tell me yourselves how many he cut at the Almería Fair in 2019 and let’s finish this topic earlier. That’s the year, handsome,” the young woman concluded. The couple in a bullfight in Jaén, in 2022. According to that, the exact date would have been August 19, 2019, at the Almería Fair, in which it was also supposed that the bullfighter was happily married. But the experts do not believe that there has been such an error because “a bullfighter never forgets four ears on one afternoon,” said even Andrés Amorós, biographer of Ponce. The environment of the bullfighter’s ex-partner did not take long to react to the interview. Apparently, it did not go down well, since the feeling is that the father, by giving details of his love life, has not protected the two minor children he has in common with his ex-partner.


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