Enzo Salvi beaten in the field, and his parrot took a stone: “unheard-of Violence, do not hold back the tears”

A Monday to forget for Enzo Salvi, attacked Ostia Antica, the ground where he was flying his parrot trained, how often it happens. As reported by the actor – as reported by Roma Today – a guy would hit with stones, the parrot, who plummeted to the ground, and then lash out against the artist.

From a video made and published on the social profile of Salvi, would be also the moment where the stone was about to reach the bird. The actor has relief, but shortly after, he was attacked with kicks and punches by the guy who then ran away, but was arrested the same evening by the police.

The parrot has been brought in a specialist centre, and has passed the night, but remains under observation. He does know the comedian Host on Facebook, where he thanked friends and fans for the solidarity received during these hours: “Thank you for your closeness, for this tremendous story, which has seen both for me but especially for my Fly, the victim of the violence was unprecedented and unjustified. Thanks to your prayers. The Fly has passed the night, is a little warrior. Unfortunately, because of the strong trauma of a violent suffered by the stone thrown, and especially by the height of the fall ( 7/8m) and still can’t stay balanced on the perch. I hope that with the passing of the hours and the therapy can improve. I wanted to do a direct to thank all of you, but I’m too shaken by what happened and I can not hold back the tears”.

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