Eric Dupond-Moretti : the reason for which he finally agreed to be minister of Justice

Eric Dupond-Moretti divides and ignites the passions. Today the minister of Justice, the star of the bar is determined to carry out his new political responsibilities. That to him, however, seemed not as obvious there is still some time…

Eric Dupond-Moretti



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On the 6th of July last, following the resignation of Edouard Philippe, Jean Castex, new Prime minister, took place in the hotel Matignon to operate in a reshuffle of ministerial awaited. And the outcome of this famous day of July 6, has not ceased to speak. First, on a purely political with appointments and unexpected, like that of Roselyne Bachelot to the Culture. But not that. If the case Gérald Darmanin, who is now minister of the Interior, has raised a wave of indignation in the public opinion – the first cop of France being targeted by accusations of rape – that of Eric Dupond-Moretti has just as much aroused passions. It must be said that the star of the bar 59-year-old is not the kind to keep the language in his pocket. In oral argument , such as on television, the lawyer is a person formidable, ready to venture on any minefield. It’s just as well, because since his appointment as garde des Sceaux, Eric Dupond-Moretti sees some of his statements out of the depths of television. Including those who draw the contours of a character deemed sexist. From a strictly political standpoint, it is his appointment as minister of Justice, which was a surprise.

A minister of Justice unexpected

It should be said that before taking up this position in a highly symbolic, Eric Dupond-Moretti, just as his colleague Roselyne Bachelot, had denied any political ambition. And obviously today, to the radiant light of the ministerial reshuffle, this phase sounds wrong.

Asked in the columns of the JDD, the lawyer for 59 years, has not blushed : “When I uttered that sentence, I really thought that we never would have the idea to offer it to me ! “, he signed. “And when the job was offered to me, I responded to the instinct : I said yes and I thought after “, he then explained, before conceding : “I have an in-depth knowledge – but not technocratic – judicial institutions. I know what is good and what needs to change. “But this is not all. Behind this decision to hide the “reasons ” emotional ” : “As a lawyer, I have always defended of men, not of the causes. Once again, I went up to the man. I found Emmanuel Macron brave. “And if he claims to have “ ideas “, Eric Dupond-Moretti knows that he must now ” implement “. Which, by his own admission, gave him a small feeling of ” vertigo “. The game of politics…