Eros Ramazzotti with an open heart: “After the separation I am happy”


“I am happy. It is a moment of this season. And restart means for me to hug my loved ones: my children, whom I teach respect and smile”. Six months after breaking up with the ex-wife Marica Pellegrinelli, Eros Ramazzotti talks about his state of mind at the weekly magazine Chi. The singer is coming off of his first holiday from ‘single’ to the Maldives and it says excited and ready to start again.

Eros Ramazzotti after Marica Pellegrinelli

A separation which has done much to discuss, even in the positive, that of Eros, since it was held at the sign of the civility and mutual respect for the love of the two children of the couple, Raffaela Maria and Gabrio Tullio, who went on vacation with her father, together with Aurora, born from the first marriage of eros Ramazzotti Michelle Hunziker and her boyfriend Geoffrey. “I can’t live if not of positive emotions , says Eros – Even when life shows you the other face, the pain you feel, is inevitable, but then you have to turn away and look who is behind you,” says Eros. “And behind my back there are three wonderful sons, over sixty million records sold, and an audience scattered in the world who know my songs and follow me for thirty years. What could I want more?”.

And he adds: “in The Maldives we played, talked, have we been confronted by large while remaining small. This will remember as one of the best holidays and constructive of my life because sometimes it is just from the children that you can learn so much and Aury, that little girl is no longer, but a woman with a head very fast”.

About the farewell to the model, that Eros has publicly defended from attacks received by fans on the web, says: “As we said when we broke up, the relationship based on respect, what I have taught my parents and that I, with all my strength I want to pass on to my children, will never be affected. I could say ‘Are things of life’… beautiful song. Would you know who it is?”.


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