Erotic Photography Series: Stéphane Plaza & Karine Le Marchand’s Surprising Confessions


Friendship between Stéphane Plaza and Karine Le Marchand

If Stéphane Plaza doesn’t say much about his love life, he is much more talkative when it comes to his friendships, and especially his friendship with Karine Le Marchand. Indeed, for many years now, the two presenters have been working together behind the scenes of the M6 channel and have consequently developed very strong bonds of friendship, to the point of calling each other almost every day and seeing each other during their free time.

The Current Passed Between Them Right Away

It was when they were in charge of the show On ne choisit pas ses voisins that Stéphane Plaza and Karine Le Marchand became friends. “The current passed between us right away and our friendship is out of the ordinary!” assured the presenter of L’amour est dans le pré in 2013, to the magazine TV Grandes Chaînes. Nonetheless, the two acolytes cannot imagine starting a love story despite their very open relationship. “We talked about it once. But the opportunity didn’t present itself because neither of us were free,” the famous real estate agent had then affirmed before his best friend made a very surprising but totally characteristic revelation… “We are not at all in the seduction, even if, for fun, we did a series of erotic photos!” she said laughing without revealing any more details about this juicy information…

Karine Le Marchand is Ready to Do Anything for Her Friend

Without any taboo for each other, the two star presenters of M6 never hesitate to tell each other things frankly, even when it comes to contentious subjects. Thus, a few years ago, Karine Le Marchand made it a point of honor for her friend to become aware of his problem with alcohol… “I scold him when he drinks too much and I make a point of making remarks to him when he gains weight,” she then let slip. Since then, Stéphane Plaza has considerably slowed down his consumption! Conscious of having a very precious relationship in her hands, Karine Le Marchand is therefore ready to do anything for her friend, even if it means welcoming him in her home for long months! A sacrifice that she obviously makes with pleasure… “I love him and I like to feel important in his eyes,” she confided to the Parisien in July 2022.


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