Even the model Zara Abid, among the dead of the plane crash in Pakistan

Among the victims of the air disaster happened in Pakistan last Friday, there is also the Top Model of pakistan Zara Abid. The woman would be among the 97 dead, airplane fall, although at first there was talk of the possibility that the model had one of the two survivors. This morning, however, the agencies have quoted the words of the ministry of Health of pakistan, which has confirmed the budget of the 97 victims and the names of the only two survivors that I am the president of the Bank of Punjab, Zafar Masood, and a young engineer, Muhammad Zubair, while the rest of the victims have all been identified.

The memory of the model

Initially, many people, also on the social, had hoped that the model had between the two sopravvissutthe and there were also those who stated that to confirm that it was not the deceased were friends who were with her, but over time it was discovered that this was not so. Immediately after the news of the fall of the plane, were many who had been pouring on social to mourn the passing of the model. The Sun had quoted the words of the designer, Khadijah Shah, who had described as “a fantastic girl, professional and great worker. I was enchanted by the energy and dynamism of his photographs,” and the actor Aiman Khan: “Zara you were very sweet, we will miss you a lot”.

The plane crashed shortly before landing

The aircraft of the Pakistan International Airlines took off from Lahore crashed shortly before landing at the airport of Karachi. The aircraft crashed in a place where there were houses, but according to what was reported by the pakistani Ministry there would be no victims among the inhabitants of the place. Would be five homes on the day of the plane and wounded the people who were there nearby. The airline has launched an investigation on the disaster may have been due to a technical fault.